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The Story

Hello and welcome. Thank you for taking the time to look through my website. It has been created to combine all the things that interest me and I hope that you will find something to spark your interest and ignite your inspiration too. My academic background is varied, it includes design, digital arts and marketing and education, I worked for years as a language teacher and currently, and for the last several years, I am working in business, more specifically Human Resources. I am also at the moment studying for the relevant qualification and I am really enjoying deepening my knowledge and expertise in a field I really am passionate about. My passions outside work include personal development, psychology and philosophy. I am also very interested in keeping my body and my mind healthy. Lastly and most importantly I am the mother of an amazing boy of 8.5 years who inspires me to be a better person, have fun and learn new things every day. I have enjoyed writing for several years and this has helped me through some tough situations. After popular demand* I decided to share my thoughts and experiences with the hope that some of them will entertain and others will help people facing troubles similar to the ones of my past. I hope you enjoy the read and stay tuned for many new entries and resources.

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