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The things I love about lockdown! (An entry from my journal)

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

This may seem like a very odd list and an abnormal title because lockdowns are viewed as a negative thing, we are not allowed to meet people we love, we are not allowed to go out to crowded places and mix with strangers, we are limited to our homes and their immediate surrounding areas for exercise purposes only. As an introvert I believe that naturally I found the new reality an easy one to adjust to, at least in comparison with many extroverts I know. I still miss the friends and family I would have spent time with if I could, I miss travelling and I miss many activities I am not allowed at the moment. I have chosen to write my favourite things about this situation to try and focus on the positive parts of it. I would suggest making such a list to everyone, as in moments of doubt or sadness we can always refer to them to be reminded of reasons to be grateful. If you are reading this please try to focus on what you can control. Please try to make your thoughts positive as they are the foundations of your reality. Please never forget that it is OK not to be OK and that there is help and support out there. Please remember it is OK to be scared. Please always remember that you are important and valuable, even if you really do not feel like it at times. If you need help please DO ask for it!

Here comes my list now 😊

· Having gained 2.5 hours per day, 5 days per week (the hours I would otherwise have spent driving to and from work). I have loved spending these hours with my son and creating fun, loving memories together.

· Having been able to home-school my lovely son and learning together was one of the greatest joys ever, I love seeing the amazing person he is growing up to be and his curiosity about things ignites my own.

· I have come to know my son and myself better, being able to spend more quality time with both, I feel both relationships are stronger than ever. He is my motivation for becoming the best person I can be.

· The ability to focus on my wellbeing and my personal development. My previous busy lifestyle would leave me with no time to read, meditate or just do random enjoyable things in my everyday life. I realised that for 5 days every week I would run about taking care of random chores, not having any time for fun apart from on the weekends. I came to the realisation that this is no way to live, our everyday is indeed a treasure and we owe it to ourselves to have fun and feel happy.

· I have reconnected with friends and have actually made new ones (met them online).

· I have taken up new hobbies and interests and have spent time learning about interesting ideas and concepts I was not familiar with.

· Last but not least; I am going to write that I have realised once more what are all those things that actually matter.

I know I am lucky to be able to work from home. I know how lucky I am to have a home. I know I am lucky to have a family I love and loves me back. I know I have the best friends in the world. I know I am lucky to be able to write my thoughts and post them (with some grammatical errors I hope you will forgive). I feel for all those less lucky than me. Please always remember that being around to complain about the lockdown puts you on the privileged side, the side of those that still have a voice to express how displeased or how scared they are. Please remember to take care of yourselves and those close to you, a phone call or a ‘how are you doing’ text can make all the difference for someone who feels lonely. Show your love and kindness to yourself and to others, it will always come back to you multiplied, I promise! I feel very lucky, very scared and very impatient to have this all done with, still I will enjoy every single one of my days in lockdown hoping to be able to return to some normality soon and hoping that people will stop suffering form this horrid virus.

PS The cat photo is used to get your attention :) x

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