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Goal setting- Your life's compass

Setting goals for all areas in life is of great importance. You may have heard people saying that if you don’t look where you want to go you will find yourself at the place that you looked at. Imagine departing on a journey without knowing what your destination is or what you will need for the way, knowing only that the journey will definitely take place. Does this scenario not cause you some anxiety and worry? It allows no room for preparation or any choice of the way to be followed or the actual destination where you will one day arrive. Knowing what you want to achieve can be your compass. Having clear targets of all the things you want in your life can be a great tool to use so that you do not waste time and energy in situations that do not serve your purpose and are irrelevant to the outcomes you desire, it is a process that helps you take control of your life.

Take ten minutes and write down as many goals as you can for the next 3 years of your life. Write down the small and the big ones, as many of them as you can think. Include places you want to visit, the promotion you have been wanting for a long time, starting your own business, books you want to read, friends you want to meet with, bands you want to see playing live, anything that you can think of.

✍️By setting goals we can work on our personal development and take steps to move closer to our ideal life and ideal self.

👉Start by deciding what you want to achieve. Write everything down, make sure to include only the things you truly want for yourself and not things that others want for you and have imposed on you. Bigger goals break down to smaller ones.

👉Make your goals “smart”, specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound. This will help you keep track of all the little wins along the way! Always remember to celebrate those and congratulate yourself for your excellent effort, ALWAYS!

👌Remember to always have fun along the way too! The journey should be a pleasant one, full of excitement, new experiences and fulfilment. Vision as often as possible how you will feel when all your goals are achieved. Imagine all the different details of your life once you have all you are working for at the moment, feel the joy. Be happy and proud of all you have achieved so far!

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